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In the year 2357, the Earth is nearly unrecognizable following a series of wars and catastrophic natural disasters. Divided into Zones, the United States was crippled by mass death and desolation, allowing corporations to take control. One of these businesses, Xeus Robotics, took advantage of an earthquake’s destruction by swooping in and taking full command of an entire zone packed with thirty to forty million people to act as a testing ground for their technological experimentation. Dubbed Techno City, the area is overflowing with crime, violence, and underground dealings.


Enter Mackenzie “Mac” Shaw, a reporter for The Sleez, a sensationalized newspaper that deals in discovering dirt on anyone and everyone in Techno City. Following a tip, Mac began digging into the darker side of Xeus Robotics and the companies that control the other Zones. After getting too close to uncovering some earth-shattering data, the rulers made the call to have her killed, sending in a Neo-Yakuza hitman to quiet her once and for all. 


Left dying in a drainage ditch filled with trash and mud, Mac’s brutalized and mutilated body was discovered by an ex-employee of Xeus Robotics, Doctor Yiri Vladimir. Dr. Vladimir, who was once a highly respected scientist in Old Moscow, took pity on Mac and saw an opportunity in her demise. He gathered what he could of her broken body and began soldering it back together with scrap robotic parts. Though brain damaged and traumatized, Mac soon wakes up and finds herself confused but miraculously alive!


Her new biomechanical body provides her with enhanced speed, intelligence, and strength, leaving her more capable than ever before. Unfortunately, her memories are scattered and she struggles to recount anything about her death or the days leading up to it. Still, Mac fights through her lack of memory in a desperate attempt to make those who took everything from her, even her own body, pay. Follow her as she wades through a river of blood and deceit to reach the vile underbelly of the Elites of Techno City and the rest of the world.

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