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Sometimes, natural is better, it seems. With the rise of technology touching every aspect of human life, it can be difficult to figure out where exactly to draw the line. Lucid Technologies works to continuously push the boundaries of technological integration, going further than ever before with their groundbreaking SEED Implant device. Designed to help keep humans connected with their smart devices while actively treating a host of different health disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Traumatic Brain Injuries by controlling neuron impulses and actively circumventing damaged areas to allow enhanced response times, memory storage, and intelligence capabilities, this device was meant to literally change the world. 


After months went by, the SEED implant device did not go as planned, resulting in a mass death event of those who received the implantations. Moments after the horrific genocide, the dead began to rise and reanimate as shells of their former selves: bloodthirsty, insatiable, and emotionless. Turning on their former loved ones and acquaintances, this massive threat to humanity became known as the Implanted, a population of zombie like monsters that very well may wipe out all of humanity as we know it. Will anyone be able to survive this man made apocalypse or is all of humanity doomed to die at the presence of their own creation? 

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