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 George Dagan

 Ronald Dagan



As an emerging entity, Nukem Comics is a collaborative effort looking to create interesting comic serieses featuring fresh, new ideas. We started as a group of three friends just spinning ideas and dreaming of creating and now have gained footing and traction to work towards our ultimate goal of producing the kind of comics you can spend hours flipping through on your bedroom floor. 


Brothers George and Ron Dagan paired up with their longtime friend Randy Amoroso to begin this creative process. The trio aspire to produce something truly special, starting with their flagship piece: Intergalactic Deathmatch, a battle gauntlet story featuring gore, gross out humor, and throwback references tying together multiple genres in a new, niche style of comic creativity. 


Join Nukem Comics as they push forward with a new creative direction and experience the bloodlust and greed of the Overlord and his Intergalactic Deathmatch arenas as he pits his gladiators against one another in search of the galaxy’s greatest warrior! 


Aside from Intergalactic Deathmatch, Nukem Comics has many other projects in the works so keep your eyes peeled for other ventures that may soon appear on the production horizon! As a venue that welcomes creators with interesting ideas, Nukem Comics stands as a collaborative space. We want to help others bring their ideas to life and are entirely open to proposals and creative input for new project ideas!

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